My mission is to empower people in their wellness process toward a life of balance and joy.

The whole constitution of man must be taken into consideration, not merely the treating of the body as a chemical or mechanical machine.

​                       -Dr. Randolf Stone

Hands R Healing offers an environment for clients to relax and rejuvenate. I take a personal interest in your health and well-being by empowering you to take charge of your body and discover its healing potential. I am passionate about helping people reconnect: body, mind, and spirit.

Having personally struggled with physical and emotional pain for many years, I understand how important it is to be empowered to get healthy.  If you feel good you keep moving forward.

Hands R Healing uses  Cranial Sacral Therapy, Polarity Therapy and Raindrop Technique for  relaxation, pain management and personal renewal.

My treatments integrate body, mind and spirit to help clients recognize and reconnect to their inner resources necessary for deeper healing at a core level.

With more regular sessions you can improve your overall health.

If you want to take it deeper I can help you uncover the mental, emotional and physical blocks that are keeping you from your true healing and living potential.

Many of my clients have come with chronic conditions which made them feel they will never find relief. Time and again, they have been amazed by the results.

To learn more about my clients' experiences, please check out my Yelp reviews: click here. 

Hands R Healing 



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